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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ and this is the al jazeera news hour. coming to you live from london with me, david foster, this is waywe are looking at in detail. the battle for foreign yemen moves to the south. fighting in the international airport in aidan the president is forced to flee. nine people are arrested as isil claimed it carried out wednesday's museum attack and
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left 23 dead. boko haram in retreat in international coalition celebrates droving the armed group out of key towns in fie jeer yeah. the german chancellor warns as new talks where the e.u. leaders. >> the 2022 world cup final. on december 18th. >> ♪ ♪. >> the yemen president accusing the former government of trying to stage a coupe against him. after his base was attacked from the air. forces loyal to the president plan to take control of the airport in aidan from fighter whose support the former president.
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with the compound where president hattie was staying the palace was then attacked by fighter jets. it is just about a month only since he fled house arrest, the capitol and went to aidan. this is a battle not between two rival groups but between two men. forces loyal to president hadi retake the airport loyal to the former president. the afters short but tough battle lasting four hours. with passengers planes within range of the bullets. the forces unit had refused to give up their arms and got fie themselves within the barracks. then they attack the airport. >> the it fooer got so intense, the airport was shut down and passengers taken back
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into the terminal. forces loyal to hadi then defeated the loyalist and surrounded them. it is presidented the houthiss are now in control of the north. they wont to make sure the clashes are happening in aidan, so tayla be taken the fight to hadi detectively. an unidentified war plane hit lady's base. he insists remens the legit mitt leader. if they were able to take control of the airport it would have weaken hadi, who has declared it the temporary capitol. he has spent time reporting from yemen. in fact pretty recently, you
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were there. is this coming down to a struggle between two mentula are in the military and split? is it a platter who supported the former president and who supports the current president hadi in the military? >> two a large extent, yes. at least on the ground in terms of when this battle is being decided from a fire power perspective. it really does depend on who has more guns on the ground. as it stands now former president al-asaad da who was yourselfed in the houthis movement have manged to take control, and large part oz if north, and president hadi who himself is from the south has a lot of pop la support there. and because he was forced a few weeks ago to set up these
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popular committees essentially to give him some sort of might on the ground. there's also the reege gnat perspective the presidency. just issues a statement accusing iran's loyalist as they put it of trying to execute another coupe in the south and attack his palace. so there is a great regional element to this. >> so these loyalists as they are labeled these supporters of the former president well, they have taken the fight to the south where they believe they could win, inform they don't succeed there does he believe he can move it back to the capitol that is controlled by the sunnies and therefore re-establish his reign over the whole country. >> well, he definitely would
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like to believe that, but on the ground from when we were reporting there, and seeing it, there is huge inequality, they don't have the same amount of weapons or men as those in the north. the houthies as well as loyalists have. in fact, there were reports that just in the past few hours, a shipment of arms docked in the port city which is controlled by the houthies another example of more reinforcements arriving for them. so as much as he would like to at least on the ground appear so, but in terms of popular support, the most of the largest protests that have taken to the streets since this coupe, and since the unsettling events several months ago have been in favor of houthies. so while he does enjoy it appears more popular support in terms of fire power, he is outgunned. >> there is no doubt that iran supports the motives of the houthies whether it's
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actually back -- is a mat they are's being debated. how much of an interest is saudi arabia taken in what president is doing. so this could end up being one very big regional arm wrestle between the two in the middle east? as well as the other waterways that lead to the redirect examination sea. they have always lad a keep interest in it, what appears to be the problem so far in terms of the gulf perspective in the saudi perspective in particular is there haven't been unifreewayed approach among the gulf corporation council with regards to yemen. for example former president had very good ties with the united arab emirates who were
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pushing a dillon kind of solution, to that of the saudi arabians however it appears that since the gcc responded to the coupe announcement just over a month ago that they have been trying to bring themselves more in line. nine people have now been arrested in connection with what took place. al jazeera's jackie roland is in the tunis capitol. and sent us this. >> the cruise ship splendid da pulls out of port. leaving behind tunis and the horror of the day before. the ship also leaved behind some of it's passengers. victims of the attack on the
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museum, a grim ending to a mediterranean holiday. some weren't carried their passports so they haven't been identified. more than 40 people were injured. some of them have been talking about their experience. >> we entered the rooms in the old part of the museum, suddenly my daughter and i started to hear shots and everyone started to run. people started to try and save themselves trying to hide behind the windows and in the corners of the room. >> two gunman were killed when discusser forces stormed the museum. but it is believe they had accompliced. police say they have arrested nine people so far, four of whom they believe were detectively involved. meanwhile, the prime minister has been giving details of security across the country. question will be pitting in place check points that will manned and supervisors by the national army. both the national army and
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security personnel will intensify their patrols across the nation. patrols between the army and security will also be conducted. >> the museum will remain closed for several more days. when it reopens it can expect fewer visitors. they are removing tunisia from their list offend destinations. >> tunisia has been held up as the success story and so far it's been spared much of the violence sweeping other part oz if region, now the parliament is looking to fast track new anti-terror laws and the part has prompted to fight those behind wednesday's attack. >> the first of the victim suicide lays to rett. the my who died guarding the museum. tunisia remains in shock and in morning. it is also air ware that it can no longer remain on the sidelines of what has become flown as the war on terror. >> jackie join us now live
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emergency measures pushes in very quickly in the war on terror going to be ruthless says the leader of the country, what in particular can you notice? what will be most obvious about this. >> well, certainly there have been a number of check points set up on major roads around the country more i.d. checks in particular, the prime minister indicated there would be a focus on controlling tunisia's borders. a perfect example of that,
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when the french interior minister will come to visit tunnies. and france has had a very recent taste of these kinds of attacks took place back in january. if this attack was designed to scare away the tourists and the money they bring with them for a country that seems to be doing better than most, if that is the case, how is tunisia going to counter that or keep them there? well whether that was the objective, or one of the objectives in the attackers when they planned the attack on the museum, it certainly is going to be one of the consequences. charlie, tourism was only really starting to pick up. after the arab spring began four years ago. there was this sentiments among visitors. tunisia was very closely associated with other neighboring countries that are a lot more unstable, like
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libya or egypt and for that reason people have been slow to return. we have heard that a number of cruises will not be stopping in tunisia and they will be leaving tunisia off the itineraries what they can deal to deal with that is addressing the problem there itself. the security measures yes they are important for national security, they are important to reassure tun thesians, but also they are important to send a message to foreign tourists and foreign investors that tunisia is safe. that it is serious about tackling the problem and that it is open for business. however, in the short term, i think that we are going to see tunisia a no go area apart for the more add venn rouse traveler. >> thank you.
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coming up we will be talking to the head of the u.n. missions the democratic republic of congo about efforts to clear out rebel fighters in the east. also two, al jazeera journalists on trial in egypt make their latest appearance in court. and in sport. broken bankrupt, top level italian going out of business after more than a century. on the one side, the u.s., on the other side the arhinian diplomates. meeting with a few others on the fourth day of talks now. and the u.s. leader of the delegation john kerry and his iranian opposite number, the two of them have hoped to broke ear deal by next week, it is though tough and intense as mr. kerry. >> and a european negotiator, not wishing to be named has
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told the news agencies the discussions may well have to be extended. let's bring in our diplomatic editor joining us now live where those talks are taking place. and if it comes to the end of march and no decisions have been made, no frame work, what happens then? >> well, i think they have no choice but to do another extension. but no one david, wants to do that. i think they believe that the window to actually get this deal is closing remember, the interim deal november 2013 and ever since then, they have been extended rolling over this interim deal, trying to get a final deal, but they know the forces are out there opposed to all of this, are gathering strength. they know that congress is there, and november that letter from the 47 senator ises, they have the address to
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congress, by the israeli prime minister. he is now back in power, they have the opposition from the gulf states. they know their time is running out, and they need to get this deal soon that's why you have someone as important as the u.s. secretary of state, and his iranian counter part putting aside all their other business and sitting in the hotel beside me. there are a total of seven there, they are having breakfast meetings and meeting often until midnight. >> the thing is, james all those people against any kind of deal in congress, have said that far from lifting sanctions which is obviously why iran is there because he wants the sanctions to be lifted. if no deal is reached than sanctions could actually be increased? absolutely. and i think that is one of the worries that may welcome from congress. i think if you listen to some of the delegates they will say yes, you have that coalition
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on one side, but the coallation on the other side trying to get a deal, the p. five plus one let me remind you, that's the five permanent members of the security council, this is something that u.s. and russia agreed on. is a bigger coalition than those opposed but i think they are aware of the forces against them, what is emerging is that they may be some disagreements within the camps here and the negotiating. certainly we are detect the french have some problems with what the u.s. is proposing particularly the time line for any deal. the u.s. wants iran to be subject to scrutiny, and inspections for a. year period the present aren't happy with that, they say that's not good enough, must be 15 or 25 years. thank you very much, james because there live.
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>> the interview with the u.s. network the israeli pine minister has said he has not changed hiss policy on a two state solution. the results of the general election have confirmed that netanyahu party has the biggest 3120 seats in parliament yeten ha yeah was criticized be i the united states for the preelection excepts that there would be no palestinian state created on his watch. the palestinian president said he is worries about netanyahu's opposition to a palestinian state. we will not backtrack from our position in demanding that international legitimacy be achieved and that also that we have the right to go anywhere in the world to ensure that right is achieves. >> the united nations has condemned an air strike in tribally and lip yeah, which has threatened to undermine
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talks about that country as future, the explosion delay as el delegation from taking off where u.n. mediated negotiations are supposed to be taking place different groups have claimed responsibility for explosions near the only working airport in the course of the last week. monitoring those delays talked he sends us this. >> talks were delayed because the delegation based in tripoli couldn't fly earlier in the day they say the air base was targeted by forces loyal to the general now the united nations is still hoping that both the one from the gnc in tripoli are going to meet later in the day here there are two issues on the agenda, forming a national unity government with a prime minister who has a full say
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and implements a cease fire, disbanding the militias, forming a national unity government with two mandates, securitying libya and starting a fight against groups affiliated with isil. the general concern here by the international community which is monitoring those talks is that the concern of the two parties fail to achieve a settlement, there will be no division there will be more fighting in libya and groups affiliated with isil are going to further seize the opportunity to expand in the eastern part of the country.
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>> they are accused of aiding the banned brotherhood peter greste, spent more than 400 days in jail. >> legal experts have called the charges against them baseless. last month he was deported and they released affiliated with isilny on bail, despite their frustration, mohamed said at least on this occasion, the prosecutions witnesses actually helped their case. >> today i think it was a success, they all said that
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they were not responsible for -- they didn't write the sames. >> as encouraging as this day may be, they know this could take a while. al jazeera. >> european leaders arrived for a couple of days and beyond discussing the bail out, there are fears that the greece can drop out of the euro. angel merkel, and the heads of the e.u. and e.c. business scheduled for later in the day. germany chancellor doesn't expect to reach a solution during this summit. >> many of you discussing the talks with the greek prime minister, but don't expect a solution. or a break through. it's not the right setting. decisions are made in the group. >> there's been adying version
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of events whether greece can pay back it's debt. joining live from brussells. $207 million but these amounts go up sometimes day by day is greece the more trouble than it appeared to be a couple of weeks ago. >> well, i think the situation is getting more serious and debt mounting if you would like, isn't getting any smaller. now, you will remember, back in february, in this very building an extension was allowed to allow them to this bail out program for another few months. in return for which david they had to come one a detailed reform plan. don't forget they are now run by a new wing, to cast off the shackles of austerity and it is a question of how you resolve those competing objectives. which is really now causing a
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big crisis because the european union doesn't feel they are playing straight, they have seen these reform ideas they say they are not good enough, there are technical talks that are meant to be happening on how to push forward. they have come to a screeching halt, and all the while there is a run on greek banks $350 million was withdrawn yesterday, that's the largest single day for some time. that's causing real concern. and then next week the greek have to pay pensions and it is the short term their access to cash to get the country moving to keep it moving. which is now a real crisis. although the greek process on today's agenda, has pleaded for a meeting on the margins of this summit, the french, the germans the coalition to
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try and un -- unlock this unfreeze this stand off and that meet willing take place later tonight after dinner during which things like ukraine will be discussed. it isn't entirely popular there are some people here saying we are part of the union, we are part of a creditor group, why do the french and germans get to discuss this, as it effects all of us, it is i have to say, a very poisonous atmosphere. >> that will make for a goodiner, thank you indeed, live for us. >> more to come, how food and water which was buried underground helps sustain cyclone survivors. >> and in sport, seven out of seven for inyeah as they cruise into the last four of the correct world cup.
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>> tonight. >> to the apaches, it's an ancestral place.
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>> sacred lands threatened. >> were the apache consulted on this? >> no. >> a controversial deal. >> we would love to have a mine in the community. at the end of the day, it is an issue of fairness. >> america tonight gets an exclusive interview with a foreign mining company accused of taking native american land. >> people have been very critical of your company, saying that it'll leave a permanent scar on the landscape. will it? >> an america tonight special report: "mining sacred lands". tonight, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> you are watching the al jazeera news hour. these are the global headlines. at least 13 people died in heavy fighting between rebel
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groups. on the airport in aidan before the presidential residents in that area were straight from the air. thine people have been arrested in connection with the assault in the which 23 dies. >> and libya's tripoli based government says an air strike has targeted the airport to take off of the delegation heading they hoped to peace talks in morocco. now more on our top story fighting in yemen, i am joined by a journalist who was recently based in yemen let's try to strip this down. robin get into the mine newt of it. some of the military appears to be backing the former president, who has said wants to install it's son. some are backing the current president, keep up these go military machines coming head to head, who will win?
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>> well, at the moment, it's all in favor of the houthies really. even where hadi is an caught and the people are fighting on his behalf, largely militia men, who he has been paying to fight on his behalf, or at least defend him, anyway. s are huge amounts of military, we have seen he has the air force still and military bases around adan are sit under his control through commanders to him. so if it comes to straight up fights they have very little help of survival. >> so when saleh lost his job as president when hadi came in as the new president, where did it all go wrong for the man who is now has to flee for the second time of the presidential palace in his own country? >> well, the war attempts to restructure the military, he did try to push through reforms with sup pot of the international community and the united nations. but really that was as we see
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now was only superficial you can't shift those that have been built up for decades. by moving commanders around or supposedly disbanding entire units. so you can't change that overnight. and now he has been able to come back, and push those buttons rely on those loyalties and wish again the houthiss have been relying on since the middle of last year in order to advance their power as well, and take further territory, they wouldn't have been able to do it without the support. >> which means by your assessment, pretty much that the president is doomed if saleh and his forces loyal to him and his son manage to control pretty much most of the country. and they are arhinian backs. what are they going to think about that. >> well, obviously the concern is that saudi particularly is if the conflict spilled over the border.
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the houthies became involved in 2009, and in 2010. but right now, they are in a position where he has support from the community you know, the saudis have been bounded to adan. >> what sort of support if he is going to be attacked and kicks out of office? >> exactly and this is the problem, who has the most amount of weapons which means the most amount of money and that requires a huge amount of investment. are they prepares to do that, they have been supporting oil areasareas in yemen but they haven't yet put down that money, and that support and he is effectively a dead man walking in that respect. >> does it mat tore those countries outside such as the united states, they have said that yemen is a hot bed in the arabian peninsula, there are frequent drone strikes there. to try to nullify that, does it matter to those interests
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who is in p charge in yemen. >> the general case of insecurity, so once you have these groups fighting it leaves security vacuum, which we saw back in 2011 and when al kade do took territory in the is south but then also al quaida become as tool for the factions to kind of use in order to manipulate the international community as well. so the houthies are direct rivals of al quaida and have been trying to fight them, but we have always seen in yemen in the past that that is when al quaida has taken part of that. so that's the fear that the international community, and gives them more of an opportunity to take territory. >> all right, thank you. thank you very much. >> now an international coalition fighting boko haram is claimed at least one town in the northeast of nigeria. the army says which borders
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was retaken this weekend, and that nearly 230 fighters were killed. she is in the nigerian capitol. >> these reports about major towns being recaptures by the military, are accurate, it could mean the beginning of the end of the boko haram insurgency. according to the military, various towns have been recaptured. town which is was the scene of least two massacres in the which hundreds of peoples were kill. and now, two days ago the military spokesperson tweeted that yaba is free, by our able military #never again. we are going there to the three state which is have been worst effected by the boko haram crieses, however there has been misinformation, and inaccuracy around the
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insurgency before the military have previously announced the capture and killing of the bomb caha ram leader. only for him to appear on youtube videos days later nobody is holding their breath, or saying it is all over, but if the reports are to be believed the end of boko haram is on the horizon. the impact of this on the election has to be positive, the presidentble poll is due to be held, govern ship races on the 11th of april, and security has been a major concern. the ability to vote has been a major concern so if security improved the believe is that the election will go off very peacefully, the safely. >> the head of the u.n. mission in the democratic republic of congo says that the biggest threat to peace in the region remaining the presence of the group called fdlr. they are rebels in the east of the congo,s it stands for democrat ink forces for
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libbuation of rwanda. 2,000 fighters including rwanda houthies who took part in the 1994 again side and then fled across the border the rebels have been accused of atrocities murder, rape, and the recruitment of child soldiers. in afternoon the army said that it was start carrying new offensive with support of the u.n. stablization mission in the d.r. of congo. the u.n. withdrew it's offer disagrees about the general designated to lead the campaign and joining us from new york head of that mission in the democratic republic of congo. let's try and spell this out you were alongside the forces trying to take on these forces that have come across, and you pulled out how serious were your disagreements with the
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leadership of the group or the group going up there? how serious would they have to be to start taking part. >> we are working on the sound, i am going to try one more time. you said you wouldn't take part in this mission to try to defeat these rebels you must have had a very serious reason to say that considering how many lives are at stake. >> i am not sure you can hear me now we will try to get back to you in a little while but it is clearly not working right now, we will move on on the news hour. sierra leone's fires president says he will channel his removal. after he tried to seek asylum
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at the u.s. embassy he has been expelled from the people's con party facing allegations that he was instigated unrest, the president afternoon nest says it is a constitutional requirement that anybody runs for vp be a member of a political party theodores to are among the latest that have suffers from ebola in guinea, they fronted the president to warn that the fight against the virus isn't over. officials claim that stick to safety procedures for the set back, this is the third week in a row that the number of new cases has risen. more than 20 reports in a single day in the weekend. china and japan are holding their first security talks in four years. ties between the two countries have suffers because of the territory dispute over a group of uninhabited islands in the east china sea.
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>> aid agencies are to full of praise of what they consider to be the resilience of the people in the face of cyclone survivors have been able to rely on food and water that was buried underground as the fierce winds ripped apart their homes. only 11 people died, despite the storm and the fear of rise in the number of dead as the more remote islands were reaches hasn't happened. he was in japan at a conference for preparing for disasters when disaster hit his own country the climb change minister is now back taking to the sky to independent the damage. first off the islands where australian government has flown in a team to check on australians in the area. the minister has hitched a ride. >> strike the philippines we haven't got the confirm from
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the island at this time, but we will not be independenting maz casualties since people are prepared. >> unhike the philippines the screen didn't cause huge storm surges from the sea. so water was less damaging than wind. even so, the low numbers of confirmed deaths and injuries so far has been remarkable. two hours on the ground to find out which preparations helped, and what could be done better in the future. this island in the north escaped the worst of the storm. but people here know next time it could be different and next time could be soon. clones are becoming more common and more fierce. they are sure climate change is at least in part to blame. >> the weather pattern is changing. we have the cyclone we just have cyclones but this is the
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worst cyclone that we have ever had. it is a common story, this isn't the first bad cyclone australia has helped clean up. >> recently we were part of the assist, the squad ran itself in the capitol worry is everywhere. chef john roma is desperate to get home to a remote part of the island. he knows it was bad hi it, be hasn't had any news about his family iago want to go back home. >> cyclones like these are making southern jumpnies common. >> back the the story we were trying to bring you about the domic republic of congo. rebels out by the lake where
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united nations group says it was willing to take them on with the help of that nation's forces then the u.n. said that no, we aren't going to do it. head of that mission in the domic republic of congo. joins me now you have been briefing members of the united nations about the difficulties you are facing there which must be pretty severe considering that you believe that the f.d.l.r., these rebels must be defeated. >> well, first of all we are fully committed and we have the means. but we follow a certain united nations policy, this is a human rights policy, we cannot cooperate with congo's army units whose leaders, whose generals or units committed human rights violations before. and there is a demand generals the place, whose units committed human rights violations.
2:47 pm
wry would they put in people, with whom whose actions you totally disagree, and why would the president seem committed to not changing it. >> with the fight is only one of the many combats we have, there are around 40 armed groups we cooperate excellently with the government and also with the generals and the leadership of the congo. this army in the fight against other groups however here we have a serious problem and we want to overcome it with the government is in the new york right now. we are discussing this year, but also back home next week, and i am very confident we will have a solution. because if the fdlr is not
2:48 pm
taken out, there will be no peace and it is a rich country, with a lot of min resources where a lot of potential, but with the security situation prevailing nobody is ever going to invest in this country. that's why n and fight this is the largest chunk we still have to do and cooperate with the government, once this human rights probables are solved. you used to have a good relationship the two of you there are suggestions that it is broken down, partly because of this, do you still trust him. >> well, not at all, i was with the president for two hours meeting last saturday before coming here to new york to brief the security council. so the personal relationship is intact, however we disagree on certain things. the i don't understand cannot support units who are involved in human rights violations
2:49 pm
like pill ladies and gentlemens of villages and like raping women, and executions and other arrests. and here we are in disagreement. but there is no break down in communication on the contrary, we are discussing maybe much more than before, however there is not yet a solution in p substance me appreciate your patience, thank you very much for joining us on the news hour, we got it right on the third attempt and hope you managed to do so also in your work. thank you. we have lead coming up with all the sport he has a date and it's a football date, we will tell you about that. in the just a couple of minutes.
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>> sunday. >> you have to look at the suffering of these children. >> director of unicef, anthony lake. >> every one of those numbers is an individual child. >> helping the innocent victims of war. >> what can unicef do? >> there's a very short answer... our best. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera.
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sunday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> possible all the sport, but the talk is what will be happening in december. seven years from now in the dessert. >> we have waited long enough, but finally we have a date. qatar 2022, december 18 as we always suspected, qatar national as you know, and i think right from the start. they have known they are one step. november, december it makes sense, but i am told the opening date will most likely be twenty-first. it was always the most sensible option, but of course there's this resistence from
2:52 pm
european, and of course all along the committee says we have to play, they are not happy for that, but we will. >> the real haggling begins doesn't it? >> that would still be resistence, of course, and it is the clubs who know that they want the players as much as possible, they are going to be losing them for this touter. they are the ones paying them, and i think they will keep complaining about this right up until the tournament starts. >> good to have a date. as ever, the rest of the sport with lee wellings now. >> yes indeed. we have paramedicker being declared bankrupt after being stricken with debts of more than $220 million. they are expecting them to play sunday's match.
2:53 pm
flu italian football correspondent from world soccer magazine who joins me live from rome, thank you for joining us. tell us what has happened to palmer, and could bit the end for them. >> well, this is the most recent chapter in an on going any, that has effected since 2004 when then they were owned by the international -- they collapsed in a $14 billion collapse and the financial situation has been shaky ever since. a ridiculous point this season, twice this season the club has been sold, for one euro so by girardi so to the president the man who and italian business for one euro, and that man is currently in prison, he was arrested on
2:54 pm
tuesday this week because he was one of 22 people in a criminal organization this was involving in must be launders, computer fraud credit cart fraud it appears so it was with the problems are absolutely huge it is all very sad, italian football is not in a good financial position all around. >> no, it is not in a healthy financial position at all. despite winning 3-nil last night, but every other trouble in the country seems to have serious problems. the reality is today's bankruptcy hearing has allowed the club to avail of a 5 million euro rescue operation put together in the league, and the football federation but given the size of the problems they have some
2:55 pm
218 million euros of debt, it may be the 5 million to get to the enter of the season will not be good enough and the club may well be -- have to drop out entirely. which would mean all those teams that haven't plays they will pick up a very handy 3-nil win. >> we have to leave it there -- >> and falsify the champion. >> thank you so much for joining us, we thank you very much. well the indian cricket team have continued their excellent progress at the correct world cup. it is now seven wins out of seven in the tournament, and sara coats was watching. >> flags were flying at the mcg as india lined up against bangladesh for a place in the semifinals.
2:56 pm
india won the toss, but they lost at 3. also went cheaply. bangladesh restricted india to 150 teen for 3 after 28 overs but then they got going. he has fielded falling over themselves as he brought up his maiden world cup turn. as inked yeah went on to post 302-6. as india whittled away holding them out for 193 to win by 109 runs. the reason being we kept farming on the side, and he kept himself very calm, but still he knew if it was there
2:57 pm
and if he played ma'am mum number he can score and score at a food pace. so india through into the seasonal my finals to moot either australia or pakistan. al jazeera. serena williams continues to make a winning return in the united states. the woman's number one cheryl faced number three seed in the semifinals after beating in the contest, serena now on a winning streak of 15 straight matches. and one more quick line, france has been aharded the 2019 women's world cup. >> so december the 18th it is for the 2022 final and lee thank you very much indeed. from me and the news hour team that's it for now you have meriam and company in a couple of minutes. buy buy for now. see you next time.
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>> pain killer addiction on the rise >> i loved the feeling of not being in pain >> deadly consequences >> the person i married was gone >> are we prescribing an epidemic? >> the last thing drug companies wanted anybody to think was that, this was a prescribing problem >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... opioid wars
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only on al jazeera america battles for the airport fighting between yemen's rival groups forces the president to flee his adan headquarters. hallow, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, police arrest nine people, as isil says it carried out wednesday's attack that left 23 dead. boko haram in retreat an international coalition celebrates driving the armed group out of key